Unattended & Attended Automation

Attended automation

Attended automation relies more on cooperation with a company’s employees or administrators where human intervention is required or at least more at the forefront of how automation robots go about their tasks. Attended automation solutions reside at an employee’s workstation and are triggered by specific events, actions, or commands an employee engages within a specific workflow. Because attended automation often involves employees moving between multiple interfaces or screens in any given transaction or context, attended automation solutions must be agile and user-friendly in order for employees to move from platform to platform in what more often than not is a customer-facing situation.Read More »

BluePrism interview Question and Answers part 4

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BluePrism interview Question and Answers part 1

Q:What is Robotic Automation?
Robotic automation refers to a style of automation where a machine, or computer, mimics a human’s action in completing rules based tasks.

Q: What is Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation?
Robotic Automation refers to process Automation’s where computer software drives existing enterprise application software in the same way that a user does.

Automation is a tool or platform that operates other application software through the existing application user interface.Read More »