Desired Capabilities for Appium

Desired Capabilities got introduced in Selenium to work with lot of browser capabilities like handling browser cookies , SSL security popup blah blah.
But why are we using this in Appium?
Using Desired Capabilities we can communicate with Appium server by sending a POST request, saying that I’d like to start a session with so and so platform and platformversion, browser etc…Now the server understands it and starts a session with the capabilities Read More »

Swipe the Screen– Appium

You already know how to Scroll using Android driver. Now let’s see how to Swipe. Generally while swiping on a device, we move our finger to some X&Y coordinates. We can use TouchAction class to swipe here and there. Also we can use Android Driver function ‘swipe‘ by using screen width and height and we can also use javascript executor to swipe. Here I’m not using any app for demonstration.Read More »

Scrolling the Screen – Appium

You already know how to perform longpress gesture using Appium. Now let’s see how to perform a Scroll. I hope you know what is a ‘scrolling‘. We do it often in day to day life. As a quick reference swiping your finger upwards will perform a scroll down and swiping down your finger will perform a scroll up. Just like ‘TouchAction‘ class we also a ‘scrollTo’ function in-built. Lets quickly take a look at the syntax & Example ‘driver.scrollTo(“sampleScroll”); ‘

Read More »