BluePrism interview Question and Answers part 3

1-How many project you have worked?

2- What you know about RPA?

3- What type of automation you’re doing in organization? Or in other words, Can you briefly explain me difference between Attended Automation vs Unattended Automation?

4- What’s your current project and explain about it?

5- What are the Automation Tools did you worked and how it different from one to another?

6- Did you have any Programming experience? (Ask when required minimum knowledge in OOPS and Database SQL Queries)

7- What is the SDLC Process followed in your project and what is your contribution every stage of SDLC?

8- How you will test your RPA automation task?

9- How will manage the changes in the existing process?

10- How will you identify particular process is automatable or not?

11.- How will you calculate effort and estimation for process to automate (i.e., FTE calculation)?

12- What are the deployment methods you’re following in your process?

13- Explain about RPA Source Code Management?


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